Tell Trump and DeVos: We want action to protect our students now!

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was appointed to lead a commission to discuss and find solutions to school shootings, and I was hopeful to speak with her about meaningful actions we can take to better protect our children. 

But when I urged Secretary DeVos to consider moving quickly on common sense gun violence prevention measures, like raising the age to buy assault weapons and establishing universal background checks for gun purchases, she pushed back and couldn't (or wouldn't) tell me that the NRA wouldn’t have a veto in this process, what the timeline would be, or if she would put survivors of gun violence, families of victims, or experts on the commission.

Clearly Secretary DeVos and President Trump aren't getting the message. Will you join me in urging them to take swift action to address gun safety, prevent school shootings, and protect our students now?